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Cooking Classes

Thai Cooking Classes

Learn how to make traditional Thai dishes with Ploy’s Kitchen in Cambridge, MA :)))

You will learn new ingredients and cooking techniques that help you cook Thai food authentically. You will learn traditional Thai recipes and where to find ingredients from the cooking classes, so you can buy ingredients locally and cook at home.

Thai Cook Classes - Ploy's Kitchen

Learning from Ploy’s Kitchen Cooking Show might not be enough for you. Come to learn from hand-on experiences in real kitchen with Ploy’s Kitchen cooking classes.

The cooking classes will be hand-on experience; therefore, you will cook when you come to the cooking classes.
You will learn how to make many menus such as Pad Thai and Green Curry with Chicken. The cooking classes size is approximately 5 to 16 people.

We also have Vegetarian Classes for our vegetarian students who love Thai food :))))

Thai Cooking Class - Ploy's Kitchen

The cooking class fees vary. Please check the schedule below.

Registration for TTAI & VTAI Classes in SUMMER 2015:

TTAI Class Registration Click Here

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Upcoming Classes in Fall 2015:

Cooking for Beginners

Cooking for Intermediate Levels


Registration for PG Classes:

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Do not see your preferred class schedules, please email cooking@ployskitchen.com to request a particular date.

All classes take place in Cambridge, MA. The exact address will be given after registration. 

Email for more information and registration processes at cooking@ployskitchen.com




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