A CORRECT Way to Cook Pasta

Healthy Way to Cook Pasta with Ploy’s Kitchen on YouTube.

This Healthy Way to Cook Pasta video is a universal video for you to learn how to cook pasta that will not stick to the pot. Oil is not necessary and never be! Therefore, we do not add unnecessary ingredients when we cook our pasta. The pasta you cook can use for thousands of thousand different menus. I know I kept saying HEALTHY, but it is also a correct way to cook pasta. Oil doesn’t and never helps prevent pasta from sticking to the pot or to one another. When someone asked you to add the oil to cook pasta and particularly asked you to add extra virgin olive oil, no no no! When you add oil while you cook pasta, it’s a waste of time, energy, and resources.

The technique that makes pasta not stick is the stirring technique. That’s it! You just need to keep stirring your pasta during the first 2 minutes of cooking. Then, you will let pasta cook for the length of time according to the packages. If you want to add oil for flavors, just add the oil after the pasta is cooked. So, the oil stays in a plate that you are sure you will enjoy. Don’t let the oil hang out in the pasta water.

For me, oil is not a cheap ingredient. Especially, extra virgin olive oil is not always cheap. Please don’t waste your money and resources pouring the valuable ingredients to the pasta water that will eventually go to the drain. I hope this technique will happily cook pasta from now on.

Ingredients for Healthy Way to Cook Pasta:





Cooking Directions for Healthy Way to Cook Pasta:

1. Add water into a pot. Increase the heat to high. Add salt (Please do not add any oil into the water)

2. When the water is boiled, add pasta.

3. During the first several minutes, keep stirring pasta to help pasta not stick to the pot.

4. The time to cook pasta depends on types of pasta. Therefore, you may have to look at a package of pasta. The cooking time suggestion will be written on the package.

5. We use the cooked pasta to cook thousands of thousands difference menus. 

I hope you enjoy this Healthy Way to Cook Pasta. This Healthy Way to Cook Pasta is simple and quick.

Please stay tuned to watch more interesting cooking videos that use pasta.


ENJOY :))) Healthy Way to Cook Pasta


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