About Ploy’s Kitchen

At Ploy’s Kitchen, we believe in empowering people to level up their cooking skills and explore culture through cooking classes from world cuisines.

Ploy’s Kitchen was started as a cooking show on YouTube in 2013. Then, Ploy’s Kitchen has become Ploy’s cooking classes where all the magics of delicious food happen.

Ploy Khunisorn is a native of Thailand. She went to Suan Dusit International Culinary School while she was working as a financial analyst in Bangkok. She came to the USA to earn a Master of Liberal Arts in Sustainability at Harvard University and a Master of Education at Cambridge College. She started teaching cooking classes since 2014. Having traveled to over 30 countries, she has enjoyed and learned to cook varieties of cuisine around the world. In her 8+ years of teaching experience, Ploy has taught over 5,000 students to cook and bake Asian cuisines, vegan food, gluten free diets, pastries, and more. She is also a certified tea master.

In addition to teaching online classes via Zoom where you can find her classes on this website, she also teaches in-person cooking classes for community adult education. She is also a graduate student in the Master of Gastronomy program at Boston University.

Check out her food passion on Instagram: @ployskitchen


I actually began cooking since I was ten. My grandmother and my mother are outstanding home cooks. They taught me how to cook delicious and healthy food throughout my life as I usually asked them for a permission to get in the kitchen to help them cook. I’ve learned how to carefully pick ingredients and pay attention to every single cooking step to make the food come out the way they wanted to be. That was the beginning of my cooking journey.

In 2012, before I came to the U.S.A., I went to Suan Dusit International Culinary School specializing in Thai cuisine in Bangkok, Thailand as a hobby. I learned how to cook Thai food in traditional ways using royal recipes and cooking techniques. I also learned how to crave fruits and vegetables for edible crafts and arts. I didn’t stop at that. I also went to a Japanese cooking school, Lek Japanese Culinary School specializing in sushi in Bangkok, Thailand. I have done all of these just because I love cooking.

I came to the U.S. to earn my master degrees. While I was doing my degrees, I cooked and baked a lot. Many friends asked me to teach them to cook and bake because they knew I am from Thailand. I started to share my recipes on Ploy’s Kitchen YouTube Channel. Then, I thought I should teach a cooking class to stay connected with people. In 2014, I applied for a part-time cooking instructor position at Cambridge Center for Adult Education. I got a job there. About a year later, I became a full-time staff working in the program department managing food and wine program including some other wonderful departments. In July 2021, I accepted the Director of Educational Programs position at CommonWealth Kitchen in Boston and aim to support food entrepreneurs and food businesses.

With all my hearts and passions, I hope you all love my recipes and techniques that I’ve shared with all of you.

 Cooking Classes Reviews

“Personally, I thought everything about the [Simply Vegan] class was perfect. It was not only a learning experience, but a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. We will be attending other classes through CCAE again this winter and hopefully more with Ploy”

Barbara B., Simply Vegan

“I love this class with Ploy! Making the dough was a new experience for me, and she did a great job of checking in on my progress throughout the class. It was so nice to cook along in my own kitchen! I like that she showed the many variations of folding, and also a few different ways to cook the dumplings. I can’t wait to take another class!”

Michelle D., Basic Dumplings from Scratch

“Ploy was so sweet and knowledgeable. My pies came out great and delicious. Baking along in the class gave me courage to actually make pies by myself at home. The pace of the class was good too.”

Student, Summer Pies

“I thoroughly enjoyed cooking along with Ploy during Wednesday night’s Japanese Izakaya class. No more store-bought sauce. What a great cooking class!”

Eileen M., Japanese Izakaya Small Dishes

“This [Basic Dumplings] class is the best class ever! I made a bunch of dumplings last weekend and they were amazing! Ploy was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to take more classes now!”

Christine C., Basic Dumplings from Scratch

“This was the best experience I've had working with dough of any kind! The class was fun, challenging, and the food was incredibly delicious. It was a really unique experience and a great way to relax during these times. I can't wait to make these recipes again!”

Jessica C., Making Noodles from Scratch