American Fried Rice

It might sound crazy that firstly I am trying to give you a recipe for “American” fried rice and secondly I am trying to say that this dish is Thai. Yes, yes, yes, American Fried Rice or Kaw Pad American(ข้าวผัดอเมริกัน) is a Thai dish. As you are reading, you know this dish doesn’t exist in the US or anywhere in the world.

I asked my fiancé Mark (currently a husband) whether he has ever heard about the food “American Fried Rice” and he asked me back what it is. He has never heard about that. So, I think this American Fried Rice video will help you learn how to make American Fried Rice. I know the fried rice itself doesn’t sound delicious. With the name American Fried Rice, I know it doesn’t help it sound any better. HAHA! I know that!

I would like to make a note on one thing. Fried rice can be delicious until you see the ketchup as one of the ingredients. It doesn’t sound delicious but a lot of Asian people do eat anything that contains eggs with ketchup. I know, right! We eat omelette with ketchup. We eat egg rolls with ketchup. We eat sunny side up eggs with ketup, and whatnot! For this recipe, I just wanted to share a dish that is very common in our Thai culture and this dish became popular at a contemporary cafe or a trendy cafe. In this type of cafe in Thailand, fusion food has been served a lot including pasta with Thai sauce or even fusion drinks.

Before you learn about this recipe, let me tell you about the origin of this dish. The American fried rice came from Khun Ying Suripun Maneewat in more than 60 years ago.

 The idea came from leftovers of a regular American breakfast, which has ham, bacon, fried chicken, or sausages. Therefore, she adapted the leftovers to cook with Thai fried rice and she called that “American Fried Rice.” At that time, the ingredients as a side dish for American fried rice were not clear since it depended on whatever she has left.

From that time, Thai people have been spreading the word of American fried rice throughout Thailand until today.

Serving: 2 People

Ingredients of American Fried Rice:

½ Cup of Peas

½ Cup of Sweet Onions (Small Cube)

½ Cup of Carrots (Small Cube)

1 Teaspoon of Chopped Garlic

1 Teaspoon of Ground Black Pepper

1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil (for frying an Egg)

1 Tablespoon of Unsalted Butter

3 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce

2 Tablespoons of Granulated Sugar

3 Tablespoons of Ketchup


2 Eggs (For making Sunny-Upside)

4 Pieces of Bacon

2 Pieces of Fried Chicken


2 Cups of Steamed Rice

3 Pieces of Tomatoes for Decoration


Cooking Directions for American Fried Rice:

1. Bake the bacon in the oven for 12 minutes at 400 Degree Fahrenheit (or 205 Degree Celsius). In another pan, fry chicken. 

2. First of all, heat up the skillet at medium high heat. Reduce the heat to medium, add unsalted butter, garlic, and onion, and keep stirring. Then, add carrots and peas and keep stirring. Then, add steamed rice and add soy sauce and keep stirring. Then, add sugar and keep stirring. Then, add ketchup and keep stirring. Increase the heat to medium high and keep stirring until everything is all combined and looks incorporated. Then, turn off the heat and add black pepper. Set aside.

3. Then, fry the egg with the sunny-upside style with the medium heat. Then, serve the fried rice in the middle of the plate. Add fried chicken and bacon around the fried rice. Then, put the sunny upside egg on top of the fried rice. Decorate the plate with slide tomatoes.


You may use ham or sausages instead of bacon or fried chicken. This recipe is full of complete nutritions. It’s easy to make. In particular, if you have leftovers from your American breakfast, you only warm them up and use them as a side dish of this American Fried Rice. 

I hope this American Fried Rice recipe and my video are helpful for you to answer why American fried rice is actually the Thai cuisine. I think at least, this menu collaborates the relationship of the United States and Thailand. This American Fried Rice recipe also uses local ingredients to make a new delicious food.

I hope you enjoy your time with me. If you like the American Fried Rice recipe and this video, please share and subscribe for both the website newsletter and Ploy’s Kitchen YouTube channel.

ENJOY :)))) American Fried Rice


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