Online Interactive Cooking Classes

Whether you are cooking for yourself, for two, or for families, join one of Ploy’s online interactive cooking classes and make your next meals simply delicious. Find inspiration for every meal in our upcoming online cooking classes. Ploy’s classes are fully interactive. It’s always fun to cook along. You are welcome to pick one or two or all dishes to cook along or just watch and learn. The list of ingredients will be sent to you prior to the class including details of how to do grocery shopping and the complete recipe packet along with the Zoom link. Let’s savor every moment together.

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 Cooking Classes Reviews

"Excellent [Thai Noodle Curry and Ginger Tea] class! Ploy is a fabulous instructor. Even with a large number of participants, she was able to address any questions that came up along the way. It was easy to follow along, and the results were delicious! I will definitely be making this noodle curry and tea in the future."

Jessica Hildebrand, Thai Noodle Curry and Ginger Tea

“I love this class with Ploy! Making the dough was a new experience for me, and she did a great job of checking in on my progress throughout the class. It was so nice to cook along in my own kitchen! I like that she showed the many variations of folding, and also a few different ways to cook the dumplings. I can’t wait to take another class!”

Michelle D., Basic Dumplings from Scratch

“Ploy was so sweet and knowledgeable. My pies came out great and delicious. Baking along in the class gave me courage to actually make pies by myself at home. The pace of the class was good too.”

Student, Summer Pies

“Personally, I thought everything about the [Simply Vegan] class was perfect. It was not only a learning experience, but a fun way to spend a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon. We will be attending other classes through CCAE again this winter and hopefully more with Ploy”

Barbara B., Simply Vegan

“I thoroughly enjoyed cooking along with Ploy during Wednesday night’s Japanese Izakaya class. No more store-bought sauce. What a great cooking class!”

Eileen M., Japanese Izakaya Small Dishes

“This [Basic Dumplings] class is the best class ever! I made a bunch of dumplings last weekend and they were amazing! Ploy was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to take more classes now!”

Christine C., Basic Dumplings from Scratch

“This was the best experience I've had working with dough of any kind! The class was fun, challenging, and the food was incredibly delicious. It was a really unique experience and a great way to relax during these times. I can't wait to make these recipes again!”

Jessica C., Making Noodles from Scratch 

Private Cooking Classes


Treat your friends, family, and yourself to a fun, interactive experience learning new cooking skills. Book a private online class with Ploy and she will help you craft the perfect culinary experience.