Asian Empanadas and Turkish Borekitas

Turkish Borekitas are delicious hot water shortbread pastry crust filled with cheese and spinach usually served with herb yogurt dip, tomato dip, and eggs. On the other hand, Asian empanadas use a different technique to make the dough. The filling will include ground meat (or shrimps) and vegetables served with delicious dipping sauces. In this online interactive class, we’ll make both Turkish Borekitas and Asian empanadas with different dips and sauces from scratch including the dough. We’ll bake both and enjoy these delicious baked pastries as snacks or entrees. You are welcome to pick one or both styles to cook along or just watch and learn.

This class will be online via Zoom. You will receive a link and recipe packet once the class is confirmed to run, which may be between 3-7 days before the class starts.

Schedule: Friday, 6-8:30pm. May 7