Great British Baking Signature Savory Pie Series: Chorizo Pot Pie

The bakers’ signature pie challenge of the Great British Bake Off is always sparkling bakers to be creative and have fun baking their delicious pies. Inspired by Great British Baking Signature Pies, in this online interactive class, you will learn to make one of Ploy’s signature savory pies, chorizo pot pie. We’ll follow the following steps in class:

– We’ll start with making chorizo potato filling.

– We’ll make pie crust from scratch using pate brisee technique with butter (no shortening).

– We’ll assemble the pie and talk about different ways to make your creative crusts.

– After the pie is in the oven, we will talk about how to store and keep the pies. We will dismiss the class before the pie is done. You will continue baking the pie after the class. The pie should be ready within an hour after the class is done.

This class has a vegetarian option (but no vegan substitute).

Class schedule: Sunday, January 8 from 3-5pm Eastern Time Zone. Please check the time on the Eventbrite as the Eventbrite time shows your actual local time zone. This class will be online via Zoom. The class will not be recorded. The price is per screen.

You will receive the ingredient list 14 days before the class starts. We will send out the complete recipe packet along with the Zoom link 6 days before the class starts. No refunds will be given after the complete recipe packet is sent out.

This class is one of the 3 savory pies in the Great British Baking Signature Pie Series.

Great British Baking Signature Savory Pie Series: Chicken Tagine Pie will be on Sunday, February 19th from 3-5pm EST.

Great British Baking Signature Savory Pie Series: Shepherd’s Pie will be on Sunday, March 19th from 3-5pm EST.