Holiday Eclairs – Mirror Glaze and Buttercream

Pate a Choux is a versatile pastry base where we can turn this amazing pastry into magical desserts. In this online interactive class, we will focus on elevating eclairs to a patisserie quality. We will turn pate a choux into beautiful eclairs and will dip into homemade mirror glaze and decorate with Swiss buttercream.

***Note: You have to know how to make eclairs before. If not, please sign up for Cream Puffs and Eclairs on Dec. 3 before you register for this class as we will not teach you to make pate a choux. We will ask you to make pate a choux dough 2 hours before the start of this class. Then, we will follow the steps below during the class:

– Pipe and bake eclairs

– Make raspberry or strawberry cream fillings

– Make Swiss buttercream for decoration

– Make mirror glaze

– Assemble and decorate eclairs using different piping techniques

If you are planning to bake along in this class, you will be asked to make pate a choux dough before class. You are also welcome to just watch and learn.

You will receive the ingredient and supply list 20 days before the class starts. We will send out the complete recipe packet (including pate a choux recipe) along with the Zoom link 6 days before the class starts. No refunds will be given after the complete recipe packet is sent out.

Class schedule: Sunday, December 11 from 1pm-3pm Eastern Time Zone. Please check the time on the Eventbrite as the Eventbrite time shows your actual local time zone. This class will be online via Zoom. The class will not be recorded. The price is per screen.