Making Hand-Pulled Noodles from Scratch

Hand-pulled noodles are so much fun and they are much easier to make than you would think. In this online interactive class, we will make the following:

  • We’ll start with making the noodle dough from just all purpose flour and water.
  • We’ll talk about types of flour and techniques that make each type of noodles different.
  • We’ll turn the dough into Biang Biang hand-pulled noodles and Lamian hand-pulled noodles.
  • We’ll serve the noodles with homemade sauce and delicious soup.

There will be options for vegetarian and vegan or any types of meat you prefer.

Class schedule: Saturday, May 6 from 5pm-7pm Eastern Time Zone. This class will be online via Zoom. The class will not be recorded. The price is per screen.

You will receive the ingredient list 14 days before the class starts. We will send out the complete recipe packet along with the Zoom link 6 days before the class starts. No refunds will be given after the complete recipe packet is sent out.