Vegetarian/Vegan Thai Cooking

Cooking Thai street food at home is easy especially for vegetarians once you know the tricks and tips. Join Ploy, a native Thai who will teach you the skills and authentic recipes to recreate your vegetarian Thai dishes at home. You’ll also learn about where to shop locally for the freshest ingredients. In about 2 hours, we’ll make a full course meal as follows:

  • Thai fresh rolls with peanut sauce
  • Green curry with steamed jasmine rice
  • Pad Thai
  • Thai dessert: Mango Sticky Rice

A gluten-free option is available.

While the food is cooking, Ploy will show you how palm sugar and coconut milk have been made in Thailand and how we use all parts of coconut trees from roots to fruits in our daily life.

Class schedule: Saturday, September 18 from 11am-1pm Eastern Time Zone. This class will be online via Zoom. The class will not be recorded. The price is per screen.

You will receive the ingredient list 14 days before the class starts. We will send out the complete recipe packet along with the Zoom link 7 days before the class starts. No refunds will be given after the complete recipe packet is sent out.



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