Stuffed Omelette

Stuffed Omelette is the Thai Cuisine. In Thai, we call “Kai Yud Sai” or in Thai characters “ไข่ยัดไส้” Stuffed Omelette. I know how possible this dish is Thai. I originally wrote this recipe in 2014 and I updated this recipe in 2020. As of 2020, we have Omurice which is a Japanese dish that got influenced by European omelette as well. The technique of Omurice is slightly more challenging than this Thai stuffed omelette.

The Stuffed Omelette is full of healthy ingredients. It’s easy to make and it’s DELICIOUS! The stuffing can be adapted to other recipes. You can use the stuffing recipe with any pasta dishes or even used on top of toasted bread or baguette. The stuffed texture looks alike red sauce, but it’s so much healthier and more delicious. Learn how to make Stuffed Omelette with Ploy’s Kitchen on YouTube.

Serving: 2 people

Stuff Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Egg Cooking Time: 10-20 Minutes

The ingredients of Stuffed Omelette:

½ Pound of Ground Pork

½ Cup of Sweet Onions (Small Cube)

½ Cup of Carrots (Small Cube)

½ Cup of Tomatoes (Small Cube)

1 Tbsp of Chopped Garlic

1 Tbsp of Fish Sauce

1 Tbsp of Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp of Granulated Sugar

2 Tbsp of Ketchup

1 pinch of Ground Black Pepper 

3 Eggs

1 Tbsp of Olive Oil (for Stir Fried)

1 Tbsp of Olive Oil (for Egg) 

2 Cups of Steamed Rice


Cooking Directions for Stuffed Omelette:

1. Heat up the skillet at medium high heat. After the skillet is heated, reduce the heat to medium, add olive oil and garlic, and keep stirring until you smell garlic. Add onion and stir. Add ground pork and keep stir until it’s almost cooked. Then, add fish sauce, soy sauce, and sugar and stir until it looks nice. Then, add carrots, and tomatoes and keep stir. Then, add ketchup and then stir. When everything is all cooked, we turn off the heat and add black pepper. This is the stuff and set this aside.

2. Use the different pan and heat the pan at medium low heat. Add olive oil. Wait until the oil is heated. The key of making the egg is that we need low heat to cook slowly in order to get a smooth and nice fried egg. In the meanwhile, beat the eggs with a fork in a small bowl until smooth. Then, add the eggs into the pan with a very thin layer. Leave it there with very low heat until it’s cooked.

3. Now, we get a nice fried egg, looks alike a crepe. Then, we are ready to roll it with the prepared stuff. Then, we flip the stuffed Omelette and make a cut on the top of Stuffed Omelette. We serve with steamed rice.


I guarantee this Stuffed Omelette recipe is more than delicious. This Stuffed Omelette recipe is healthy and full of love. If you adapt this Stuffed Omelette recipe with other menu such as pasta or bread or some other noodles, please share your photos on my Facebook. I love knowing that you like my Stuffed Omelette recipe. I hope you enjoy your time with me.

ENJOY :)))


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